Rack Air Removal Unit 100-240V 50/60HZ for NetShelter SX 600 - detail

SkupinaAmerican Power Conversion
Dostupnosťdo 3-4 týždňov
Cena bez DPH2 217.41 EUR66 801.69 SKK
Cena s DPH2 660.89 EUR80 162.03 SKK
Recyklačný poplatokbez DPH: 2.41 EUR; s DPH: 2.89 EUR; SEWA 4.8.2 Nezaradené IT&C zariadenia do 30 kg
Cena celk. 2 663.78 EUR80 249.16 SKK
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Záruka24 mesiacov
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Rack Air Removal Unit 100-240V 50/60HZ for NetShelter SX 600
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Popis produktu
Performance heat removal for high-density equipment in NetShelter SX enclosures.
Includes: Documentation CD, Installation
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High-density equipment creates an environment where traditional air distribution methods are often not effective. Densely packed enclosures can cause IT equipment to overheat, resulting in downtime. The Rack Air Removal Unit SX captures exhaust heat, returns the warm air to the plenum and eliminates hot spots from the data center. Through automatic fan speed control based upon temperature, the fans will self-adjust for optimal performance. With a unit-mounted LCD display, users can view temperatures at the rack, monitor alarm conditions and adjust unit set points. The integrated network management card allows for remote monitoring and control. This space-saving solution mounts to the back of either the NetShelter SX or VX enclosure, requiring zero U space.

Cooling Capacity Options 16.50 kW
Air Discharge Patterns Upflow,Ducted
Air Flow 755.12 lps
Input Power 1200 Watts