Lenovo Battery Li-Ion for TP G40 - detail

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Lenovo Battery Li-Ion for TP G40
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ThinkPad G40 Series Li-ion Battery
Part Number: 08K8178

Stay unplugged longer with the help of a spare ThinkPad system battery. Help increase your productivity by extending system availability. Get the power you need whenever and wherever you need it.
   Features & Benefits:
• Original equipment specifications for correct fit and capabilities
• With the unique IBM SmartBattery capability, your system maximises the amount of time you can be up and running. If you're not sure how long that is, SmartBattery can tell you how much power you have left.
• Lithium-Ion technology gives this light weight battery a long life
• Spare battery convenience allows you to work unplugged for longer
• Backed by IBM Service and Support